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About Charm City Trivia


When it comes to fun, we don’t play around!

Charm City Trivia is a “LIVE” entertainment company. We create quality game shows for bars, restaurants, work outings, and private events.

CCT was started in 2006 as a hobby and has grown into the largest company in our industry by creating fun & exciting game shows all over Maryland (and beyond).

We’ve won awards like "Best Trivia 2019" by Baltimore Magazine and “Best Trivia Game in the Region” by the Capital Gazette. We've also been recognized for excellence by countless sources like Baltimore Sun, CBS Baltimore, City Paper, & Towson Gazette.

We’re more than just trivia!

CCT has produced a variety of different events. Ask us about our different games and game formats.

Contact Us:

In-Person Trivia & Music Bingo: info@charmcitytrivia.com

Book an In-Person Special Event: events@charmcitytrivia.com

Virtual Trivia & Music Bingo: admin@charmcitytrivia.com

Book a Virtual Special Event: virtualevents@charmcitytrivia.com

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